Executive Office of the President

Improve and Centralize Mandated Training Processes

Reduce employee mandated training costs by a) establishing standard guidance that limits excessive mandated training, b) requiring e-learning courses, c) allowing students to get credit for prior knowledge with a test-out option, and d) centralizing course development, implementation, and tracking. With over 1.9 million federal employees, 1.4 million active-duty, and 1.2 million reservists, we train far too inefficiently on core mandated topics in the government. Assuming an average pay rate of $26 per hour, the government will spend over $533 million conducting approximately 20 million hours of training per year. By allow test-out and reducing the average training list from six to three course, we can reduce training cost to about $17 million per year. The Coast Guard has implemented an innovative system for verifying mandated training requirements, filtering audiences, and reducing training time from 16 hours per year to just 4 (per member). This program won an Innovation Award, and can easily be scaled to other agencies, departments, or the entire government.



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