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Improve communication, accountability and transparency of inter-related work groups

Doing business with inter-office IT groups like security, telecommunications, operations, etc. should be similar to working with outside customers/vendors. Work tickets/contracts should be completed within a timely manner and communication should be performed to let the customer know the status. Currently, we waste valuable time ($) waiting on other work groups to finish tasks because there is nothing pusing them to make a deadline or finish the task within a time constraint. Sometimes the work has been finished, but no one has contacted the customer to let them know its been completed. A customer having to ask daily if a task has been completed is unacceptable. All groups need to be held accountable when they are not performing and/or communicating with the customer, whether they are in-house or not. Customers of these work groups need a way to submit a complaint or compliment to relevant superiors who can act on that information to make improvements


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