Department of Housing and Urban Development

In-source. Nothing New? Save $6,034,400 from just one State!

In-source. Nothing new? What would America's reaction be if you broadcast to them the fact that the government spends $12 million dollars a year (in Ohio alone) to pay for an Annual Contributions Contract (ACC)? What is an ACC? An ACC is a contract that is awarded to Public Housing Authorities (who then subcontracts the work) to process Housing Assistance Payments contracts. An ACC is a contract that requires a GS-13’s ($83,973 yearly salary) oversight. An ACC is a contract that the government has numerous staff, mostly at GS-13 levels or higher oversee; all the way from HQ to the Field Offices. The amount of money that the government spends on an ACC contract in Ohio alone is enough to fund at LEAST 246 full time employees at the GS-9 level or 170 full time employees at the GS-12 level. Keep in mind that this is Ohio alone. How can we save money? I can assure you that it does not require 246 or even 170 full time employees to carry out these functions. Ohio’s portfolio is comprised of approximately 1,800 multifamily properties. A Project Manager’s average portfolio is 45 – 50 properties. Hire 100 full time employees and you have a powerhouse staff that is more than capable of handling every aspect of project monitoring and oversight without being overburdened, all-the-while ensuring that the Secretary’s risks are monitored effectively and efficiently. 50 GS-9 ($48,695 yearly salary) and 50 GS-12 full time employees equals $5,965,600. A savings of $6,034,400 (minus insurance and other benefits) could be realized. Do more with less is a theme I hear all the time. My theme is use what we have wisely. What could we do with $6,034,400?



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