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Incentive for Non-Smokers

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Offer an incentive to non-smokers. Currently lots of time and money is being put towards smoking cessation programs. Also, personnel who smoke receive more frequent breaks, making smoking more appealing. It is a known fact that healthy personnel are more prudoctive, cost the government less in health care costs and prevent lost productivity due to sick days. Statistically, smoking a cigarette takes 7 minutes. Assuming an average smoker takes 8 smoke breaks during the work day, that is a direct loss of 56 minutes per day, and over 4 and a half hours every week. What would need to happen is rewarding non-smokers with something that smokers will also want thus giving them more motivation to quit, and non-smokers to not start. An excellent incentive could be 1 day off every other week. This would amount to actually slightly less than what is already being taken by smokers on a weekly basis, but by being given to individuals as a lump sum in the form of a day off, it will feel like a wonderful reward. Smokers would envy the non-smokers, and larger numbers of people will quit smoking instead of just saying they want to.



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