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Inductively charged cars

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Imagine this you have a hybrid or electric car that you want to take on a long distance trip but only have so much battery charge and can't make the trip. Well there is a solution, you just take the next EZ Charge toll lane that charges your car while you drive parallel to the interstate. Inductors embedded in the road surface charge your car through an inductive coil located on the underside of the car while you drive for 5-10 miles and the electricity is paid for in toll costs. The concept of operation is already proven through the various inductively charged consumer products as well as by the simple air core transformer. This will make hybrid/electric cars more practical/sustainable and is a great way to transition into energy delivery via roadways. Eventually you could have the entire interstate system wired this way and the only major components an electric car would need is a body, pickup coil, much smaller battery, frame, and electric motors. This is far more efficient than fossil fuels and the fuel, homegrown in the USA(could even be renewables), is delivered instantly via wires instead of using more fossil fueled vehicles to transport fuel.



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