Department of the Interior

Inmate Management System

It is my suggestion that the Bureau of Indian Affairs Correctional Division adopt a computerized Inmate management and tracking system, at the current time Correctional Officers spend an inordinate amount of time processing and filling booking and release paperwork. The current hard copy system although adequate some time ago no longer meets the needs of present day Corrections or Law Enforcement Officers.

Our current system does not allow for tracking of repeat offenders, new offenders with previous pending charges or offenders with charges/warrants on other reservations/jurisdictions allowing offenders to accumulate charges/warrants on one reservation and then simply relocate to another reservation to begin the process all over again. Another significant problem presents itself as we see a rise in gang affiliation and gang violence on the reservations. At the current time the Bureau of Indian Affairs Correctional Division has no accessible or linked data base with the Bureau of Indian Affairs Law Enforcement Division to report or track the criminal activities of gang members on reservation lands.

Implementing a computerized Inmate management and tracking system would have multiple benefits. It would allow correctional officers to focus less time on clerical duties and improve the accuracy of those duties, allow for better management of inmates and facilities and finally support efforts Missions of both the Law Enforcement and Corrections Division to support and protect the public they serve.



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