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Install lighting motion sensors in office buildings

In GSA contracts to manage/lease offic building facilities, include a default requirement that all rooms be equpped with motion sensors for lighting, with controls. People tend to leave lights on when they leave, and often there is no way to turn off hallway lights for occupants. By having sensors as a default, the lights will automatically go out on nights and weekends. With a dial to adjust the amount of time until the lights go out (or can be turned off in the case of presentations, for example) users can determine how quickly they go off (or on). Further, sensor lights provide security during off peak hours. And for maintainance workers and security workers they no longer will need to find and use light switches-- all they need to do is go into a room. Huge savings in electricity costs, plus it is good for the environment. The cost of purchasing and installing these units when contract come up or as part of regular maintainance/contracts is more than offset by the vast energy savings. Installingf ,with hter catFurther iw sid a a deon/That way o



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