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Instituting a "Wellness America" Project

I highly recommend that the federal government takes the lead and enforce in instituting a “Wellness America” project which will constitute all federal/private organizations/employees to implement and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This project, if implemented, will focus on the different issues we are experiencing like healthcare cost. This project is worth an investment as one way to reduce healthcare cost in the future and will eventually help increase awareness and productivity. If this suggestion is considered, I would suggest incentivizing the organization/employees (i.e. rebates on the healthcare premium cost) that make progress based on efficient and effective implementation. In short, we can avoid excessive healthcare cost by first making America healthy and make the federal government as the lead and a role model to emulate.


Plan A: The president can issue an executive order requiring all federal organizations to mandate Health and Wellness programs to help reduce healthcare cost and report status of improvement and implementation. Bottom line, we are the federal employees and we should be the role model to the people. It is time for us to “walk the talk.”

Plan B: Contracting the “Wellness America” Project to a private organization that will serve primarily as a source of information and other health and wellness strategies to the entire federal organizations.

Plan C: Assign the project to the Office of Personnel Management or Health Services, establish a pilot program and challenge them to enforce the project to the various federal organizations.

Plan D: Institute a “Wellness America Fair” where the federal employees will host/dedicate a day of training in living a healthy lifestyle.



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