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Integrate Presidential SAVE Program IDEA Review Process with Agency A-123/P-Plans Process

SAVE Program is great, IF actions are taken on the many good IDEAs submited by dedicated Federal Employees. Right now, totals appear close to 18,000 IDEAS compared to 38,000 in FY09. Why the reduction? FED Agencies are very busy during fiscal year closeout process and there is frustration no doubt that employees didn't see tangible feedback on implementing more than just a few of the IDEAs. For FY11 data base, try to cross-relate to prior-year suggestions from FY10 and even 1st year - 2009. Many that I turned in this year were also sent in FY09. How does user get feedback from prior submissions? OMB could get feedback on what agencies are doing for reviews and implementing. Right now, all is going into a cosmic hole in Govt. Initiate reporting category in Agency Annual OMB A-123 ? Performance Plan/Results reporting. We might just see some agencies making progress, or at least considering input from federal employees. Revise data base so we can review more than 25 IDEAS on page, at time. Use different font so we can see more for quick checks. Share this Presidential SAVE Program with State Governors so they too, may have chance to implement similiar program. Many IDEAS I've seen here can easily be used at State level, as they relate to the State Government. States too are having critical budget issues and deficits to resolve. Cross-feeding IDEAS can help the USA Team with getting our financial management back in order. Congress needs to help out much more too.



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