Department of the Interior

Keep Water on the Land Longer

Water flows down hill. The faster water flows the more andbigger rocks it can carry. The longer water remains on the land, the more productive the land can be. It takes money energy and effort to maintain a green lawn going in the middle of the summer. Infrastructure (roads, buildings, etc.) design often are designed without considering the effects of the resulting concentrated energies of runoff or the need for energy and water to maintain them. [Lawns are the most expensive thing that you can do to a piece of land in the arid west.] Government offices could be encouraged to convert landscaped areas around federal buldings into educational spaces that demonstrate both native vegetation and water conservation. Conversion to garden space might also be considered. Long term, this could save resources and maintenance costs while providing additional public outreach. By making this a suggestion, lawns could remain in place where they provide a useful puropse [a clear field of observation, public meeting place, etc] and do not require additional input of energy and fertelizer [also a high energy impact product] to maintain.



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