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REPLACE: The constantly increasing “EXPENSIVE” Microsoft operating systems and applications with the “FREE” Linux OpenSource operating systems and applications.

COST SAVINGS: Government-wide, this could reduce the IT budgets by several billion dollars, which would make monies available to pay for hiring a team of government employees to maintain security and operability of Linux software packages.

SECURITY: Linux is known to be much more secure than Microsoft products, theoretically not even requiring virus or malware protection. Agencies would have even more flexibility on what users could do on their machines and encryption of data, meaning greater security and much fewer incidents of Personally Identifiable Information being accidentally leaked to the public.

IMPROVEMENT: Linux functions admirably on less robust laptops and desktops, meaning less could be spent on purchasing faster, beefier machines simply because Microsoft requires it in order to run slower and slower.

FLEXIBILITY: Being OpenSource, packages could be easily modified to exactly fit the requirement of each agency. A small amount of the saved funds could be used to maintain a team of experts who would fully control all government software, rather than being at Microsoft’s mercy.



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