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Let's All Give $1 an Hour to Pay Down Our Debt!

Imagine if each of the 2 million civilian employees (not including the Postal Service) gave $1 of their hourly wage for the next 5 years to the federal government. That's 2 million x 40=80,000,000 per week. Multiply that by 52 weeks and it equals 4 billion 160 million dollars. Again, multiply that by 5 years and that comes out to 20 billion 800 million. Not bad eh? Now, include overtime hours and you've got a nice big refund that can help pay off our national debt. This would prevent layoffs, wage freezes, and other cost cutting measures that would not be very pleasant. Might this kind of security be worth about $2,000 a year for each of us? How hard would it be? The only possible problem with this would be who would oversee the funds and insure they went to the national debt.



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