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I became an employee about a year ago, one of the things I had to do was drive 3 hours to the nearest USGS regional office to sign some paperwork. I can drive 20 minutes to a Federal Building, why can't we set up an interrelations office there that assesses multiple agencies and handles this type of paperwork? There was no reason that I had to go to the regional office, rather than having an office nearby with a notary. I was able to go to the Federal Building to get the smartcard and credentials, why can that office not be expanded to take on new hire paperwork? This would cut down on the tank and a half of gas and the mileage it took for me to go down to the other office, the day of pay I spent mostly driving, times five people I know of in my position. My suggestion is to have interrelations offices established in most major cities and offices.


Streamline background check crossover between branches of the government. Have a master database of all background checks so that once you're cleared for one department, you're cleared for all of them at that sensitivity level.



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