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Let us have some input!!

Allow input from departments whose work areas are being remodeled. We have some sharp people that work in our facilities, and they just might have a good idea or two about what might or might not work in thier department. Concider the good ideas, trash the frivilous ones.


As my facilities HVAC Mechanic, I have seen many poor hvac designs, and have been tasked to wave a magic wand to try to make it work as originaly planned. If only engineering would have let me look at the plans before hand in the design stage, I could have seen the missing items, or poor designs before they were installed. The other shops feel the same way as I do.(Electrical, Carpentry, plumbing shops). We have wasted thousands of dollars at our facility. Probably millions nation wide have been wasted. Just ask us. We might have some valuable input.



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