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Limit GSA contracts

Recently my office requested two bids for re-carpeting our office in a GSA run Federal Bldg. and adding an air-conditioner to a computer server closet. The response was provided by GSA. To carpet a 7,000sq foot office the GSA returned an estimate of 60,000 dollars! That is 8.57 cents per sq. foot installed. The same commercial grade carpet bought at a Home Depot would run 1.99 a square foot. For the air-conditioning unit they are requesting 13,000 dollars for a ceiling unit to cool less than 100 square feet. While GSA is a federal agency if they can't come close to private estimates for the same work there is seriously an issue here. It is ridiculous to pay 4 times the amount. Even thought the work is GSA at least two bids should be required and if the GSA can't come within a reasonable percentage of a private bid the private contractor should be used.


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