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Limit Holidays to Actual HOLIDAYS

Times are tough and the American workers see this but civil service workers are somewhat shielded by our "system". For the foreseeable future, all holidays that fall on weekends should not be given days off. For example, the recent Independence Day (4th of July) fell on a Sunday. But the entire Government was given the following Monday off. This appears as an entitlement - especially when the rest of the U.S.A. working class had to work on that Monday. It seems that ONLY civil service (local, state, federal government) workers got the Monday off. Over the course of a year, this would save several MILLIONS of dollars of productive work days/salary. The amount of "annual leave" and "sick leave" allowed to civil service workers each year is quite substantial. As such, if someone wants to take the Friday or Monday off on a weekend holiday, the President could declare a "liberal leave" day and it would be an OPTION, not an actual day off.



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