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Limit Social Welfare Programs

Limit welfare programs. I have no problem helping somebody from time to time. Even my family is currently on a WIC program. However, there needs to be a drastic change in the free hand-outs that plague the budget.


Unemployment - Yes the economy is not the greatest it's ever been, but where does it make sense to offer so much for unemployment that it is more profitible not to work at all? A lot of the problem, too, is that people are now holding out for that "dream job." Flip burgers for a while or hang sheetrock for a contractor until something else comes along instead of draining the taxpayers that flip burgers and hang sheetrock.

Unemployment needs to be regulated better as well. I know a person who makes more money that me, lives in a much larger house, has little debt, and owns several vehicles, yet this person's spouse was able to draw unemployment. A single person with no job...ok, here's some assisstance. A married person with no job, but the spouse is living easy...DENIED.


Welfare - Limit welfare as well and require proof of employment and or least 20 hours of work per week. Someone working part-time while going to school so they can hopefully make more money someday to better themselves and pay back to society what society has given to them...not a problem. However, a lazy person looking for more "gub-ment" hand-outs should recieve nothing. My mother was a history teacher and had student tell her (with a few colorful words) that he didn't need to learn about history because he was going to drop and "get on welfare." This may seem like a rant, but it's my opinion on how to save money and the country at the same time. The example of my mother's unruly student should prove that welfare programs provide too much.


"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." Margaret Thatcher


JFK's famous words of, "ask not what your country can do for you...ask what you can do for you country," didn't mean make life easy for some at the expense of others. The so called "American Dream" was never meant to be an entitlement, but a reward for working and making America itself a better place. Again, I apologize if I seem to rant.



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