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I suggest you create an apartment complex on the property at the OKC training facility in OKC. For years the FAA has been PAYING MILLIOINS AND MILLIONS in perdeem to faa employees for housing, food, and car rental. Provide a free shuttle to and from the airport. This facility would resemble CMEL where you stay directly at the location you are training and meals are provlided. People love convenience. Plus no one likes to drive in the ice that OKC regularly gets. This would elimate all predeem required. If someone wanted to go downtown or out shopping they can rent a car on there own dime. Why should the FAA have to pay for an employees off duty entertainment ? This is a huge waste of money for the faa. ON another note. If an employee does not certify at the location that has given that employee a paid move..all the money should be returned example..If an employee gets a paid move from TEB to go to LAX but does not fully certify in LAX but gets reassigned to SNA. The employee should have to repay all of the move money because that is not the job the employee was under contract for the paid move.



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