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Make students who use federal assisted programs such as FASFA accountable for the money used for school.

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Problem: I personally know of the stories where students enroll to receive these sorts of funds free of any financial obligation and then drop the courses as soon as they get the money. The only thing done to correct the issue was the following semester the student was placed on probation, but yet still continuing to receive funding.


I believe if were to hold applicable students accountable to pass these classes in order to continue to receive funds, this would promote proper use of the programs.

If a student fails a course, they should be held accountable and now become obligated to pay the government back. Not only would this push students to excel in their studies, but it would also prevent waste of the system.

This type of solution is already in use for the members of the military and has proven to be successful in my opinion. If we were to implement this sort of regulation for federal dollars, I believe that the money would be utilized in a much more resourceful manner for those who truly want and need the assistance.



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