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Moratorium on New Large IT Expenditures to Improve Current Architecture

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Introduce a spending moratorium on new, large IT programs for a year. Require agencies during this time to conduct a 100% audit review of existing IT programs during this timeframe with the aim of confirming efficiency, performance, progress, and spending. Validate funds programmed or requested in current and previous two fiscal years were actually applied for the intended purpose. Programs that have been renamed or languishing for more than five years should be flagged for OMB assessment or agency cuts. Make the IT we have now better and see programs to completion. Do not keep adding more new programs without fixing the process. Focusing on the existing IT programs will help improve training, security, and costs, and efficiency of government. Continually changing the IT landscape is counterproductive to the workforce. Modernization is critical to improving efficiency and security, but not at such excessive levels that it creates a workforce that is never able to maximize the tools available to them. We need a momentary pause in government to catch up and solidify our existing IT architecture.



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