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Mow and remove unwanted vegetation with sheep and goats where possible

Mow and remove unwanted vegetation with sheep and goats where possible.


Natural vegetation removal through the use of sheep and goats wherever possible is something that could save the government millions annually, reduce pollution, maintenance, gas and oil requirements, while producing lean, healthy protein that needs to be purchased on a regular basis by the government anyway.


With advances in portable electric netting fencing technology, rapidly moving herds of sheep and goats to concentrate their impact where vegetation removal is needed is being done all over the country.


If you analyze how much the federal government spends on contracts, equipment, gas, oil, maintenance, and time to mow grass in areas around the country, it is clear that much of that vegetation could be converted to lean healthy protein by ruminant livestock.


Other countries mow roadsides and parks using animals, and we could certainly find plenty of areas around the nation that this type of practice could be used appropriately wihtout impacting human use.


Even contracting with private 'custom farmers' to do this type of work would reduce costs of mowing, and reduce oil, gas, and maintenance costs.


Google and Yahoo both use goats and sheep to mow at their corporate headquarters.


"There were sheep that grazed on the White House lawn during Wilson's administration.


To cut groundskeeping costs during World War I, President Woodrow Wilson (1913-21) brought a flock of sheep to trim the White House grounds. Included in the flock was Old Ike, a tobacco-chewing ram."


Our modern idea of lawns and the entire lawn industry was born from images of European estates that were maintained - by sheep!


From military installations to colleges and universites, to states and municipalities, we are seing the effects of budget crunches and many places are reducing lawn mowing services. With fuel prices only continuing to rise, this is an idea whose time has come.


There are plenty of knowledgeable grass based farmers in this country who could help manage government properties while turning vegetation into healthy lean protein sorely needed in our school and other institutional cafeterias. By purchasing more local food from these farmers, we would be cutting even more transportation and environmental costs normally required to ship food as we increased the percentage of local foods purchased by these government institutions.


Using sheep and goats to maintain under power line rights of way across the country would dramatically reduce the amount of chemical herbicides and their associated environmental costs and risks.


These savings, combined with the decreased spedning on gas, oil, and mainteance annually would be significant.


Processed under USDA inspection, the meat produced could be sold as bratwurst during barbecues where the the public was invited to attend. People would flock to be part of supporting this unique program just as they currently flock to various festivals to support local food today, and the money raised from sales of the brats would be yet another benefit on top of the money saved.


Look up how much the federal government spends on lawn mowing each year, and you will see this a serious idea with serious cost savings potential.


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