Department of Homeland Security

National Population Database and Geolocation Tracking

Secure chips should be implanted in the entire population of the United States and linked to a national database. This program would be an ever increasing database where all credentials of every person can be checked with the click of a button or by a quick scan of the chip.


Federal organization, States, corporations, and any other organizational entity can apply for secure access to the database. The viewable data is strictly limited to verifying the person’s name and unique identification number. If any more information is requested, permission would be needed from the individual.


Each chipped person will have access via a secure web-based and/or a telephone platform to view current requests. The user can specify which information is shared for each request.


This system would cut out the redundant process of filling out forms for every job application, federal grant application, student loan, and any other application that is meant to get one’s personal data. The program could be funded in part by the fees that entities would pay to have access to the system.


An additional cost benefit is in the geolocation tracking function. Any parent of a lost child could instantly find their children’s location through the web-based platform. Law enforcement could also use this feature to quickly find suspects’ or terrorist’s location, thus saving taxpayer dollars.



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