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Offbase housing prices overseas out of control!!

Eliminate the host nation employees in the overseas housing offices!!! Every base I have been to overseas has host nation employees working in the housing offices. When looking for a house to rent off base, they would let the landlord know exactly what my military cap was on housing and guess what the landlord charged - the exact amount of my military cap! Somehow this insanity has to be stopped. The host employees are not looking to ensure fiscal responsibility for the US government, they are looking to ensure their countrymen are making as much as possible from the US government! Somehow there needs to be an American housing person determining the top amount that each house can be charged for and that is all that the landlord can ask - and it has nothing to do with your housing cap set by the military or Department of Labor (civilians).. It made me sick to see paying over $3000 USD per month on a house in Germany that in the USA would have demanded around $800 per month. I could have bought a house for cheaper!!!



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