Department of Housing and Urban Development

One Government Approach One Goal

I suggest you... Get the various agencies on the same track/schedule related to grants and funding opportunities where feasible. The government continues to talk to entitlement jurisdictions and grant recipients about strategic planning and building sustainable communities. We have numerous funding sources designed to get the country back on track both economically and socially yet we make the process extremely hard to navigate. In order to increase the likelihood that communities and the various governmental entities can work together to achieve the ultimate objective of sustainability the grants and funding designed to achieve sustainability should run on the same grant cycles with one set of requirements designed to comply with all government agencies involved. For example, Department of Education, Transportation, and HUD may have grants which awarded together may achieve multiple goals for a community. However the separate grant application process, grant cycles; and regulations may be impeding the process and hurting or impeding the success of its own programs. Also jurisdictions and grant monitors spend an appreciable amount of time, effort, and money managing grants (versus implementing). Depending on the type of grants a community has they could conceivably spend the entire program year applying for and or trying to monitor, and meet the reporting requirements with little to no significant time being spent on implementing, managing, and accessing the underline purpose and success of the projects funded.



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