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One Piece of Paper (per transaction) to Save Money and the Environment

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My suggestion is that all transactions only require one piece of paper to obligate and pay. Right now many transactions require employees to make numerous copies throughout a transaction’s life for record keeping and audit purposes. One copy at the originating office, another copy with the approver, still another one with the obligator, one more with accounts payable, and sometimes even one with transportation or other departments. It is possible to have five or more copies of the same document being made – with little benefit to the government. The cost savings from paper reduction would be enormous, not to mention all the savings from binders, folders, file cabinets, copier use and related file management costs. Some agencies even use carbon copy paper (which is illegible)! By mandating agency to reduce the amount of paper to complete a transaction not only would the government save money but it would be helping the environment at the same time. The end result is a more efficient, greener government. Finally, the government could use the cost savings to purchase state-of-the-art document routing systems that use electronic signatures and integrate with financial systems to speed up the procurement process.



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