Department of Energy

One Source for Information Management & Productivity Tools; with Specialists to Tailor to Our Needs

A healthy bit of time is spent gaining and preserving access to, and navigating the various, often incompatible info management systems in place. Many of these systems offer productivity tools as a blank slate or template, rather than pre-tailored to specific uses. We have redundancies in iPortal, SharePoint, EIS, CPS, Doc Man, PMC, etc... as well as VPN, Citrix, Online Mail, One Note, etc..., as well as different proprietary systems for each Branch Office and Program. Why not pick a single online info sharing and management tool, establish levels of access, a uniform layer, and customized layers below that as needed by specific focus/project groups. Have specialists focus on tailoring the program to the needs of the users, while info management specialists ensure uniformity in reporting and database management. This could be extended to personal time management, benefits and travel management. One Source, one system, easy data gathering and analysis. Everybody on the same page.



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