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Online Education for Environmental and Energy Management

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Create a comprehensive online education program to help novices and experts alike learn and collaborate on innovations and established processes to improve Energy and Environmental Management. The focus should be on teaching individuals and smaller groups how to manage their facilities and environmental programs to maximize their potential impact in reducing costs and environmental impacts. Knowledge sharing online education programs currently exist at many Universities and within the Department of Defense already and could be tailored to expand to accommodate environmental education and management.


Environmental management and energy efficiency are considered paramount at the national level and the impact the US government has in these critical areas receives immediate media attention. Other branches of government services have few comprehensive smaller unit-level environmental efficiency programs in place where the impact and innovation of such a program would have the greatest effect.


Lack of a comprehensive unit-level environmental education program inhibits a collective application of improved practices and does not encourage innovation from the deck plates on up to work towards newer cost-cutting efficiencies in an increasingly dynamic global environment. Money saved by having a uniform Energy and Environmental Management education program implemented across agencies would be substantive since education programs are not geared for all organizations and the focus on the larger scale environmental programs detracts from the potential savings to be had from smaller unit-level initiatives. The education program could initially be developed for the classroom with the intent of migrating it to an online program leading to a technical degree or certificate in Energy Management.


A government-sponsored program to encompass all agencies and commands to teach and share innovative solutions would naturally encourage cost and material use reductions and increase efficiencies to the benefit of all.



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