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Ovens In Kitchen - Save Time AND Gas

Installing one or more ovens to cook food during lunch would save a great deal of money. Many government facilities are geographically large, and it can often take 10 or more minutes to get to/from the work site from the main gate. Further, on-post dining facilities are underutilized due to concerns on food quality or variety.


As a result, many employees drive off-post to eat, where much of the commute it spent simply traveling from the work site to main gate. If employees were given the opportunity to cook within their building, this commuting time would be saved. In addition, gasoline would not be wasted by using an automobile.


To recap, installing kitchen ovens would:

1) Increase time efficiency

2) Reduce environmental impact including auto emissions and gasoline/oil consumption

3) Allow for healthier lunch options; homemade instead of fast-food. Healthier employees will be more alert and perform their jobs better

4) Foster a team environment, where coworkers could cook meals and eat together



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