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PCS and Housing Procedures

Housing Processes for Military Members - The DOD needs to review the housing assignment and travel policies for the service members. We waste countless thousands of dollars per year with Servicemembers and their families living in hotels at their new duty location because they can get little to no informaton and cannot add their name to the gaining installation's housing list until they get there and sign in. The amount of TLA/TLE that the govt would save would be enormous. What is wrong with allowing a Service member who has orders to an installation to add their name to the housing list before they get there or get authorization to live off-post? I understand the pre-automation and poor communication days of Soldiers being deleted from assignment and no one knowing until housing has been held or denied to someone else; we no longer live in those times. Deletions and Deferments are not as common place as they use to be nor are they as resource intensive. The benifit to the Servicmember and their family very much outweighs the additional work created by a change in their orders. Our Servicemembers currently spend weeks and sometimes months living out of hotels until they can find lodging for their families because they have to get to the installation with no place to live other than the hotel they may have been able to get reservations wth, and sign in and go through the dishonest, good ole boy housing network and try to either get quarters or get authorization ( a stamp ) to live off-post. If the Soldier can be added to the list before leaving the old installation, they have more predictability and so does the housing office. It cuts the stress and turmoil on the family and saves the government from having to pay for a family of 8 to live in a hotel in Germany for 3 months.



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