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Passports and Green Cards (Go electronic w/these security updates)

I realize the “make a suggestion” contest phase is over; but this idea is AMAZING. I am suggesting that in every passport issued by the United States, and our allies, be equipped with a locator (similar to the tracker embedded in pets by the human society) woven into the electronic verification information (like the CAC card chip); that will contain all of the individuals pertinent information to include the picture taken, when issued. This “locator” can be accessed by scan at the border or by satellite, when deemed necessary.

I like this suggestion because of the high number of “lost or stolen” passports. Currently, the government wastes millions of dollars in initiatives to locate or reissue “lost or stolen” passports. This should drastically reduce the amount of paper flow regarding reissuance and also “forged/faked” documentation. By including this feature in the passport or green card, the federal government can locate the carrier of the issued passport when lost or stolen or even track the travel of a person carrying their passport while visiting the United States. It would take joint efforts between Bioterrorism Risk Assessment, Bio Watch sensors unit and others. But this should be where technology is headed.

I also like this suggestion because if there is a concern with a terrorist type attack, it (the passport) could be used as a layer of security, by tracking the possible offenders’ location by satellite.

I also like this suggestion because if there is a concern of drug trafficking this can be used to track when large groups are gathered (where) and then disbursed. If the actions (vetted) fit that of trafficking a call can be made to, on-ground in area, police units to investigate.

(Idea/Suggestion - UPDATE- I just took a class on OLC and learned that for Green Cards, this feature may be, being conducted; so hopefully, it will be conducted with Passports. I attempted to develope something, that may already be in existance - Great Minds Think A like). Thanks.



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