Department of Veterans Affairs

"Paths to Success" in federal service.

"Paths to Success" in federal service. Providing service connected disabled veterans with the skills needed to transform government through service once again.


Identify current and future Human Capital needs within VA and other federal agencies and align Vocational Rehabilitation training options for service connected disabled veterans with those current and future needs by creating specific training "Paths to Success" in federal service.


Actively seek out and enroll service connected disabled veterans in training paths designed to provide them with the skills that will be needed not only throughout the federal government, but specifically to transform VA into the 21st century organization it will become.


For example, an overwhelming number of recent suggestions relate to moving government away from dependence on paper processes while taking more advantage of web based collaboration tools. To do this, VA will be required to greatly increase its internal adoption rate of collaboration tools it already has at its disposal such as SharePoint. This will require increased end user training for both existing and future VA employees so that they can actually deliver on the promise of these tools to VA.


People don't use tools they are not comfortable with and they have never been trained on, even if those tools would provide incredible benefits to the organization. Likewise, service connected disabled veterans won't get training in areas that could lead them down a path to success in federal service if they are never shown these paths and how they align with government needs.


Specifically aligning training path curricula to address the specific KSAs required for specific jobs needed within the federal government would be a major aspect of this program. VA would make these various training paths available to veterans entering Vocational Rehabilitation, and the veteran would chose the path that aligned best with their interests, aptitude, experience, and abilities. The objective after completion of a training path would be employment within the federal government in a specific and needed role.


VA and other participating federal agencies would then benefit from hiring these highly qualified employees. Career fields within the federal government that are projected to have increased hiring needs should be targeted for these "Paths to Success". Specific Acquisition, Human Resources, IT, and other appropriate career paths would each be established.


By ensuring that highly targeted Vocational Rehabilitation training path options are available that are intentionally aligned with current and future Human Capital needs of the federal government, VA, other participating federal agencies, service connected disabled veterans, and the American public would all benefit. Graduates of these training paths would be more than well qualified; they would meet or exceed all the requirements of their specific positions because of the level of coordination between the hiring agencies and Vocational Rehabilitation. The way applicants for these positions are selected and trained would improve as a result.


This program would create positive concrete examples of the fact that by hiring service connected disabled veterans, not only does the government gain the benefit of their significant skills, experience, and abilities but they also get the most highly qualified applicants by any standards.


These veterans sacrificed for us in the military and as a nation we would all benefit from their service once again. Many of them are faced with the challenge of learning a completely new way of providing for their families, and with everything they have been facing, they simply don’t know what lies ahead. We should be willing to show them every path to success available.



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