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Department of Veterans Affairs

Physical Therapist

(These are ideas I have picked up throughout my 40 year career as a Physical Therapist from work places, co-workers and patients)


Employee ideas


Rather than Vacation time and Sick time for employees, each employee

would get 20 days to use as they choose. After 5 years, one day a year would be added up to 6 weeks off and that would be the max of days. This is done in both the for profit and not for profit areas.

- This would eliminate the "59 minute - early outs" for not using sick time.

- This would reduce the amount of call-ins that create more work for those who came to work and eventually "burn-out"


• BOARDING PROCESS for new employees:

It currently can take from 3 months to one year to get a job at the VA. In most "for-profit" and "not for profit" companies, I could start working within a few days after they did background checks, check my credentials and call my references and/ or former employers.



There is too much time spent on redundancy.

- Have the Computer staff work with each Department to help streamline documentation

- Have yearly reviews on how to use the computer and instruct in any changes in the documentation so that staff are up to date on any areas that they are unfamiliar with.


• TRAVELER POSITION for some of the Departments in the VA System

This would be staff who could travel from one VA to another to help out with vacation time/extended sick time or when there was a position that was not filled. These people would be paid a higher salary (Typically they are paid $5 to $10 more per hour along with travel expenses) This could be done within a state, within a VISN or Nationwide. This idea is also something that has been in existence in the private sector for many years.

(It is similar to the "substitute teacher" system in the schools.)

This would also promote exchanging ideas from facility to facility and state to state. So we would become a more educated work force


• ON-SITE DAY CARE for both children and elderly of employees or Veterans

This would allow less time-away from work

Peace of mind

Less call-ins due to caregiver issues







Veteran Ideas

• Veterans could use their card at any medical facility of their choosing (similar to the MEDICARE system)

1. This would reduce unnecessary waiting for medical attention

2. It also would promote good competition in the healthcare field.

3. Eliminate travel pay

4. Eliminate days away from a person's home to get medical care

5. Reduce disgruntled patients



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