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Military dependent child medical care - make use of the great pediatric subspecialty medical resources that the military has. Stress the importance of moving families of children with complicated medical problems like cancer to sites of military treatment facilities that can provide full-service treatment with truly personalized care and aid in the unique issues of the military family. A child with leukemia requires costly medical treatment, in the 10s and 100s of thousands of dollars for treatments and follow-up care that typically lasts up to 10 years. This care should be delivered through the capably trained military medical providers who would love to have more patients to take care of and can spend quality time with these children and their families because of the unique clinical experience in the military treatment facility (MTF). The government will save on Tricare costs, both through the paperwork with the referrals and the costs of the care given through the civilian institutions. The active duty military member will have better support locally for their child and be able to complete their work duties more easily and effectively, also saving money from time spent away from the job. Military physicians will be able to understand the issues of the deployment system and aid the family in avoiding difficult military-related care issues. Shifts over the past 10 years with Tricare standards have taken patients away from the military MTFs and led to greater costs, both medical and administrative, to the military, the government, and to the patients, and these patients should be recaptured to the military treatment facilities.



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