Department of Health and Human Services

Piggybacking or pooling of software purchases for maximized cost savings @ local level

There should be a mechanism for federal agencies to piggyback or pool resources to purchase software and maximize efficiency of scale. For example, if I want to purchase 1 license of a product, the cost is much higher than if I purchased 500 licenses. If I'm aware of other users of this software across the federal services, ideally I should be able to contact that group to piggyback on their purchase and avoid paying the higher price. I know GSA is supposed to negotiate lower pricing for the federal government as a whole, but there are still opportunities to minimize expense associated with this similar purchase across the federal government at the local level. Ideally there would be a tool where federal employees can look up either who is using a product and may be interested in purchasing more licenses or who wants to buy a specific product and their timeline for purchase.



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