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I suggest that small government agency managers be incentivized to manage with more fairness, equity, and integrity. Too often the small agencies fly under the radar and in spite of the No Fear Act have plenty of fear. I fear that this suggestion will become public (and no I prefer that my name is not published though I’ve had to check yes since that is the only way to submit). Some of the most dedicated government employees I’ve ever known, who are absolutely dedicated to the mission are terrorized. You hear of employees looking for other jobs, accepting lower grade jobs to get away, getting attorneys, working for unionization, resigning/retiring early, and sadly even suicides in part attributed to management practices. The much loved job and mission is one that many feel a need to escape due adverse effects of stress on that of their health and well being of their family. Unhealthy, unhappy employees, and potentially more turnover costs government efficiency and therefore money!



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