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Public Education System Discriminates Puples

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Role of our current public educations system in United States discriminates and lablels school children as eighter "Learning Disabled" or "Emotionaly Disturbed" and stay seated in a one room class room like prison setting incarcerated serving a 4 year sentence to life.

Current educational school systems have turned into prison. So much 'isolationism' creating soldier of one'


Disfunctional Families, brainwashing and recklos Society.


Look what message we are sending to the world if all else everthing fails and public education system is to blame.


Those school pshycologist and administrators get paid to push paper take revenge on kids they don't like and blackmail for something so poor soul students does not wish to do or participate in.


The current public education system in america is broken and system doesn't work.


The moto "no children left behind" left from Bush era is so lame and sickening should remove this label from department of education immediately. This does not work.


America is so behind third world nations in creating smarter kids with high mathematic scores and physics and excel in other subject areas.


Those illiterate school teachers can not teach in the first place. Look how much wasteful spending money tax payers have to pay for salaries of school administrators, principel, psychologist, school social worker, teachers.


The current system in America is broken and can not take care of business as usually in this manner.


Rest my case



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