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Quit Paying for External Training When Internal Training on same topic is available!

Although much can be learned from outside organizations, we routinely pay outside agencies to provide training that we offer internally. Why would we invest the time and money to develop our own training seminars if we don't feel they are valuable enough to send our employees to?


For example, my VISN is sending about 25 people from each facility to Disney World for leadership training. Simultaneously, the VA is rolling out it's new leadership development training program. By the time you calculate the tuition (estimated at ~$3,000/person online for a 3 day seminar x 100+ attendees = $300,000 or more), travel expenses, per diem and the salaries of these individuals, you are looking at spending in excess of $1,000,000 easily...for just one training event. These wasteful trips happen all the time and the amount of money spent is atrocious.


Don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for off-site training/conferences, etc. However, these expenditures are luxuries, not necessities. They should be the first to go with the deficit that we presently have. It is appalling anytime, but it is especially apparrent when we offer the same type of training in-house!



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