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I have worked in Acquistions, Assistance and Finance sections of the Federal Government for DoD and EPA. We award many Federal dollars to State & Tribal, Non-Profit, and Universities recipients for approved projects. Twice a year we are taxed with examinig outstanding issues in which the recipients have not drawndown funds for one reason or another. This becomes a problem at the end of the award with outstanding funds remaining on these awards, totalling millions of dollors which the Federal Govenment could use and needs. There has been an influx regarding grants and most grants specialist have a large workload. My suggestion is to establish a team within the agencies which issue grants/contracts to deal with that particular aspect. It is a very detail process, having to work with payment center, the recipient etc., and extremely time consuming. It will be worth the costs of establishing teams just to recoup the millions of dollars just hanging in the system



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