Social Security Administration


Currently, as a Teleservice Representative for the Social Security Administration, I have access to a large supply of paper fact sheets and publications that are stored in our supply room. I even have a somewhat dust-covered supply on my desk and in my file cabinets.


I think we can save shipping costs and the paper used to produce these SSA publications and fact sheets if we focus on using the Public Information Request System(PIRS) available to us at the teleservice center via the computer where we order the items for the customer and they are mailed from a central location. Also, the Social Security Administration Office of Supply and Warehouse Management, Attn: Requisition and Quality Control Team can honor a request for various publications,forms or factsheets from the public via our website at They even offer their phone number and email address!


Why are we reserving a large space in the supply room for these items to become dated and dusty before they are even mailed to the customer when we have less wasteful means of offering these materials to our customers? It just seems to make sense to adopt my idea or something similar.



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