National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Raise the Procurement Limit on Credit Card Purchases

The current Agency limit of $3K for credit card purchases creates 1000s of extra hours of government and vendor work with little to no extra value. There needs to be a credit card purchase limit to assure that a market survey has been performed but $3K is too low a limit to then turn on a standard government procurement. Significant delays occur in development in awaiting a slower procurement process for off-the-shelf common equipment so the penalty of this regulation is compounded. A new limit needs to be determined that protects the goal of assuring that a market survey has been competition but reduces the process for internal development. This regulation also is levied on contractors so again the penalty is compounded. Perhaps the regulation can be changed to require 3 quotes to be supplied for purchases between $3K-$25K but then use a credit card or another 21st century procurement option? This subtle change can be easily made and have a significant benefit to significantly improve the return on the tax payers' investment in NASA.



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