Department of the Treasury

Read, think, dream, reinvent yourself.

If your job is a left-brained job that can be automated, prepare for it to become outsourced to Asia and India where the pay is lower for the same work. The gov't has a huge deficit and our needs are changing. We need new ideas, creativity and empathy. We need resourcefulness. We need great customer service. We have already set up the software programs to do much of the accounting and other work (thank you left-brainers!) and now we need to move on to better design and promote our great ideas (let's do it, right brainers!) to get those ideas dispersed and utilized. Stay tuned for a new era - don't get left behind. have a higher social consciousness and promote good, ethical and "green" agendas - those agendas may even be ones that you, yourself, invented. Think and Dream.



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