Department of Energy

Realigning the focus of IG audits

The DOE Inspector General should refocus/relign their activities to their core mission of inspecting and auditing for fraud waste and abuse. In the past few years, they have strayed beyond this core to conduct audits that would be accurately categorized as compliance based audits in safety management functional areas; such audits are really independent oversight that is not conducted per the appropriate processes (i.e. DOE Order 470.2B and DOE Order 226.1A). This is problematic for a number of reasons (1) their personnel lack expertise to properly conduct the oversight of safety management; (2) the conduct of the safety management oversight activities ties up contractor and federal resources for interviews, document searches, and reviewing the (often poorly written) draft reports; and (3) an over-prioritization of responding to issues raised by the IG safety mangement audits at the expense of addressing more pertinent safety concerns. There should be ample targets of opportunity for IG audits in their proper sphere of influence and the IG should focus on those areas.



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