Department of Housing and Urban Development

Redesign the Section-8 program into a Transitional Housing Program

What: Redesign the Section-8 program into a Transitional Housing Program (THP).

How: The idea is to transform the current program into a program that will help individuals and their families transition into independent status within 6 months. This program will restructure the Section-8 funding. Average families typically stay in the program for 2-3 years if not longer, and HUD currently pays market rate for this service. For example a typical market rate in TN is around $700. Let us say that a family uses the program for 2 years; HUD is paying $16, 800 for that family’s housing. As the stay increase, this amount that HUD pays will increase. Why not invest $8,400 (1 year) in housing and use some of the remaining $8,400 in helping to train and educate these individuals? This proposal would make changes in the lives of citizens all across the U.S., and, we could then invest our savings for other needed uses.

Why: We may not want to admit this to ourselves, but the Section 8 program is being misused by many of its recipients. The program has become a spoon feeding tool that cripples individuals from becoming capable of independence. Currently, the Section 8 program does not have an end date. The lack of deadline or push is allowing individuals to be crippled (consciously and unconsciously). We are able to redefine this program with the help of a transitional program such as Transitional Housing Program or THP.

The question to where the funding of the THP is going come from might come to mind. Yes, our current economy is not at its best. However, we are able to make changes with the resources that we have at hand. I am familiar with the new strategic plan for HUD, and I have to add, it is impressive and bold, but doable. The THP can have an impact in allowing HUD to move in the direction of reaching my favorite goals in the strategic plan—Utilize Housing as a Platform for Improving Quality of Life. The question remains, how do we use our current resources to redesign the current program? That is what I would like to discuss with you. Please, give me the time to meet with you and your team members to further discuss this proposal.



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