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Reduce Government Mismanagement of American Tax Dollars

We spend billions in funding overseas organizations for good or bad. We spend billions in funding oversight committees and their staff. Government staffer's and employees are some of the worst people in abusing taxpayer dollars. Congress doesn't need to be ladled with money from PACs, lobbyists, or unions. Congressional healthcare should be no better than that of the DoD. Congressional travel expenses should be as simple as that of the DoD. Suspend wasteful funding, including 'pork' spending. Fire, not reassign, government employees who prove incompetent. Stop fraudulent lawsuits. They are one of the biggest contributors to increased consumer costs, especially when it comes to things like healthcare. The government needs to realize its own failures and mismanagement and needs to fix it instead of burying it. A flat tax rate would solve a lot of issues as well. Would reduce taxpayer spending on the IRS and reduce American citizens' headaches when filing taxes. Would also reduce taxpayer fraud. Impeach and throw politicians in prison who abuse their privileges granted by US Citizens. Stop inmates excessive appeals for executions. The list goes on and on...but I'm sure the government will just layer new and uncreative but redundant legislation in an attempt to convince unwitting Americans that politicians have the right answer. Politicians are interested in themselves. The greatest savings of money would come from the elimination of political excess.



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