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Background: For many years DOL/MSHA/PEIR has mailed multi-part forms to mine operators and contractors that can be filled in and inserted in a return envelope. The information on the 7000-2 mailers consists of quarterly employment data and coal production data for coal mines. These submissions are required under 30 CFR, Part 50, Subpart D, Section 50.30. Mailing of the multi-part forms is considered a courtesy that aids industry in compliance with the regulation.


Proposed Change: Costs associated with acquiring and mailing the multi-part forms have increased over the years. MSHA has alternatives to returning the multi-part forms that include:


• Using the DOL web site to file on-line


• Using the MSHA web site to file on-line


• Downloading the form from the MSHA web site and mailing of faxing


It is proposed to discontinue mailing the multi-part forms, but instead mail postcards as reminders. Currently about 30% of the 7000-2 forms are completed on-line. An evaluation of alternatives to the current practice has been completed. If postcard reminders are mailed to all required filers instead of the current practice, the agency should expect to save approximately $27,000 annually.


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