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Reduce PC Input Workload by Removing Screen Icon

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Eliminate the green and white electronic screen icon or label that reads "UNCLASSIFIED" and greets PC users on all Treasury Department computer screens. Since over 90% of content on these screens are unclassified anyway, why should it be the default message, i.e., why do we need to flag the obvious, while there is no warning if a highly classified or secret document happens to be posted, inadvertently or otherwise? This is logic in full reverse mode. It is irritating to have to open multiple versions of the same document simply because of the need to see what is hidden by the icon, which happens to be the document file name. This superfluous PC screen label also requires a considerable amount of energy to keep lit on a 24/7 basis. The much bigger impact is that it is located right smack on the uppermost center of the screen which totally obscures the file name of any document that one opens, be it Word, Excel. Powerpoint, etc. Thus, every time a Treasury employee opens an electronic document, he has to constantly resize the document or open multiple copies thereof because he cannot see the document title. This results in countless thousands of unnecessary keyboard keystrokes just to get behind the icon and see the hidden file names. Multiply this by the number of PC users and the number of documents opened and eyeballs focused daily and the savings from removing this unnecessary visual obstruction can be staggering.


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