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Reduce Paper Usage, Save $1B+

Having worked with multi-agencies over the last 3 yrs, I came to realize that US Govt uses more paper than anyone else in the nation. We use paper, ink, printers, and faxes which probably amount to quarter billion dollars alone annually, when taken in amount the cost of items, human hours put in to turn the paper in electronic data, (and when not needed anymore), to file, to recycle/shred, and garbage disposal etc it comes out to estimated half billion a year. All this spending could be reduced by adopting new technology of (ding, ding, ding!) computers, reducing printing and instead saving files that are needed in PDF format on secure servers or perhaps on localized storage systems, instead print faxing we can use internet faxing, and making all forms electronic. While doing all this we will save money, human hours, and environment.


*Calculation made by accounting value of items purchased to handle, print, produce, store paper; ie paper, printers, ink, faxes, human hours, drawers, files, and misc. All this could amount to about average savings of $1B+ every two years.



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