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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore

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Print less and use electronic documentation- PDFs. Double-sided as the standard. Recycle used paper as scrap paper, or use in shipping. Use centralized Thin Clients for access to documents, memos, and as personal computers. Use rechargeable batteries. Turn off the lights, computers, printers, and copiers when you leave an office/building. Regulate thermostats. Restore natural vegetation around buildings. Use fluorescents inside and photo-voltaics outside. Drip-irrigation, smart sprinkler systems, low-flow toilets, and on-demand or solar water heaters. Water harvesting and reclaimed water for irrigation. Carpooling, mass transit, telecommuting, working from home. Have a condensed work week or pay period (will also booster employee morale). Conference calls and teleconferencing as opposed to driving/flying to meetings. Have a federal classifieds for exchange of surplus office supplies, furniture, uniforms, etc. Always recycle, and use recycled or recyclable products.


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