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Reevaluating Government Rates

I traveled to Washington D.C. on BLS business in April. When booking my hotel, I was told to use the Government Rate and that there were a block of rooms being reserved. When I made the reservation I realized that the government rate was $5 more per night than the "best rate" offered by the hotel. The hotel is given a set number of reservations from the government each year. It seems that charging a higher rate to the government than is charged the average guest is taking advantage of the agreement. I think that we need to reevaluate the relationships we have with groups that are providing services to the government.


In addition, I was given a flat rate for food while on my trip whether I used it for food or not. I feel that money could be saved if we were to only be reimbursed for the monies we actually spent by having to submit receipts even under the $75 mark.


Neither of thes suggestings will save billions, but every bit will help and I feel that it is only resonable to be paid for services actualy rendered.



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