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Removal of TV from work place

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One way to save money is to eliminate TV’s from federal government offices. There are 2 million civil employees. Lets take a conservative estimate and say there are one TV set for each 100 employees; equaling 20,000 TV’s. Lets also assume the average TV cost $500, although all in my office are large screen plasmas that cost significantly more than $500, but $500 seems like a fair estimate. So, the government has $10,000,000 in TV’s alone. Lets now take the national average for KWH (currently $0.10120 per KWH) and multiply that by the hours the TV’s are running, again an estimate of 10 hours a day. So 20,000 TV’s will spend $9,200 on electricity a day. The government has 26 pay periods with ten days per a pay period, equaling 260 working days a year. In a year the government in spending $2,392,000 on electricity to run TV’s at a WORK place. Now let’s assume the average employee watches that TV for 15 minutes a WEEK, even though they are allotted two 15 minute breaks a day. According to the DOL, the average government worker’s salary is $75,419. That works out to $36.25 per an hour. We can round down and say then the average worker spends $9.00 a week watching TV. Remember there are 2,000,000 civil employees, spending $9.00 a week watching TV; this equals a $936,000,000 cost in lost labor a year. So, simply be removing TV’s from government offices, the government could save $948,392,000 per a year – NEARLY a TRILLION dollars!!!



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